The most
powerful AI

Deal Diligence Platform

Progress reporting and
Exit predictions

NewDil integrates data tracking and AI powered dynamic progress reports for potential and ongoing investments.

Next Best Steps
AI powered analysis identifies next best steps for increasing the value of the company to support incremental investment tranches.

Effortless Repricing
Regression analysis of prior investments and valuations can take into account company operational diligence as well as financial results to predict valuation and propose current deal value.

Unique Decision Support
Decider is an integrated graphical tool to optimize decision making. It enables in-depth analysis and apples-to-diamonds comparisons of anything deemed material to risk and opportunity assessment.

Competitive Analysis
Competitive analysis is coallated by the startup and presented in a digestible format, giving you a solid overview of the competitive landscape.

Sales Sieves
This powerful app develops and tracks multiple marketing and sales sequences from lead generation to customer acquisition and monetization.

Organzational Structure
Effortless organizational structure diagrams with drill-down into details helps you immediately see who they have doing what.

Cash Flow Envelopes
Coupling the envelope of projected cash flows with actual figures, this clear, visual presentation mapped over time, provides concise understanding of the path to profitability and sustainability.

Better Decisions
People Driven

We empower investors by leveraging automation to reduce the load and improve visibility into their decisions.

New Diligence
There's nothing like it.